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Yoga | A Yogi’s Guide to the Throat Chakra (Vishudda)

A Yogi’s Guide to the Throat Chakra (Vishudda)

Reading Time: 5 minutes

DATE: 2023-09-27

Both meditation and yoga have strong ties to the chakras. The Sanskrit word for energy is prana—which you may recognize in yoga’s pranayama, or breath regulation. This makes it important for yoga instructors and practitioners to understand the chakras and what they mean. Here’s what you need to know about the throat chakra.

The Fifth Chakra: The Throat Chakra

Chakras are the body’s energy centers. There are seven energy centers in total, making up the chakra system. Each chakra is numbered based on its location along the spine. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. It is located in the neck or throat area. In Sanskrit, the throat chakra is known as the Vishuddha chakra. Vishuddha means ‘purification’ or ‘pure.’

The other chakras and their locations are:

  • First chakra: root chakra – base of the spine, by the tailbone

  • Second chakra: sacral chakra – near the pelvis, below the navel

  • Third chakra: solar plexus chakra – in the stomach area, above the navel

  • Fourth chakra: heart chakra – in the chest area, around the heart

  • Sixth chakra: third eye chakra – between the eyebrows

  • Seventh chakra: crown chakra – at the top of the head

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The Throat Chakra’s Meaning, Symbol, Color, and More

Each chakra has its own meaning. For the throat chakra, this meaning revolves around communication. It involves our ability to both listen to and speak with others. 

The individual chakras are also represented by a unique symbol. The symbol for the throat chakra is a circle inside an inverted triangle, which sits inside a 16-petalled lotus flower.

Chakra colors are assigned based on their sequence in a rainbow. As the fifth chakra, the color for the throat chakra is blue. Its hue is often represented as being turquoise in color. 

Certain stones, crystals, and gems are also said to aid in healing chakras. Some that are good for the throat chakra are those that are blue in color. This includes lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amazonite, and sodalite.

Recap of the Throat Chakra

Meaning: communication

Symbol: a circle inside an inverted triangle, inside a 16-petalled lotus

Color: blue 

Stones, crystals, and gems: blue in color, such as lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amazonite, and sodalite

What It Means to Have a Healthy Throat Chakra

The healthier your throat chakra, the better your communication. When speaking with others, you’re able to say what’s on your mind. Someone with a healthy throat chakra finds it easy to speak their inner truth. They’re able to verbally express their true self.

When this chakra is healthy, you also have the ability to truly listen. This provides a better sense of the meaning behind the person’s words. It also leads to greater acceptance of others. It even contributes to better acceptance of one’s self.

Someone with a strong throat chakra is said to have telepathic or clairvoyant abilities. The throat chakra is also associated with creativity. This may show up in the form of creative self-expression through some form of art. 

Consequences of an Imbalanced or Blocked Throat Chakra

If energy doesn’t flow freely through a chakra, that chakra is said to be blocked. However, some contend that energy is not so much blocked as it is imbalanced.

When the throat chakra is blocked, communication can be hindered. You may have trouble expressing your feelings. Or you might not feel comfortable sharing your truth if you have an underactive throat chakra. 

An overactive throat chakra is just the opposite. Instead of talking too little, you may talk too much. This can show up in the form of gossiping. You might also find it more difficult to listen. This can appear in the form of interrupting others. 

An imbalanced throat chakra can even lead to physical issues in the throat or neck area. Research published in the Journal of Metaphysical Thought adds that it may also contribute to feeling certain negative emotions (1). Among them are fear, doubt, and uncertainty. 

What Causes an Unhealthy Throat Chakra?

Several things can cause a chakra to become blocked or out of balance. If you don’t eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise, it can lead to chakra issues. Poor posture can create problems as well. So can lack of sleep, high stress, and negative thinking. Essentially, any type of action or behavior that is bad for your physical or mental health is also bad for the health of your chakras.

Regarding the throat chakra specifically, a poor diet and air pollution are thought to be two of the main contributors to its lack of health or balance. 

Signs Your Throat Chakra Is Blocked or May Need Balance

How do you know if your throat chakra might need some attention? Physical signs can include:

  • sore throat

  • hoarse voice

  • problems with your teeth, mouth, or gums 

  • pain or stiffness in the neck or jaw

  • thyroid issues

  • issues with the ears, such as trouble hearing

Non-physical signs of a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra include:

  • talking loudly or excessively 

  • trouble speaking up

  • not speaking the truth 

  • feeling insecure

  • feeling anxious when communicating

Pro Tip: When teaching a yoga class, encourage your students to notice whether they are experiencing any of these signs. If they are, educate them about the throat chakra. Encourage them to get it into balance.   

Ways to Promote a Healthy, Balanced Throat Chakra

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to live with a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra. Instead, it’s just the opposite. There are many things you can do to promote chakra healing. 

One option is to use affirmations. An affirmation is something that you say repeatedly, thereby encouraging the chakra to open. A good affirmation for the throat chakra would be, “I speak with confidence.” “I am a good communicator” is another. 

Meditation is also good for chakra healing. It works by encouraging calmness in the body and mind. This enables both to relax and self-heal. 

Crystal healing is another option. Collect blue-colored stones and gems and keep them around you. You can place them in rooms you spend a lot of time in, such as displaying them on a decorative plate. If you want them closer to your throat, turn your favorite blue gem into a necklace.

The use of essential oils may help open your throat chakra as well. Frankincense, lavender, and chamomile are a few to try. You might also notice a difference with tea tree, spearmint, or spruce.

If tension in your neck area is to blame for the throat chakra being closed, yoga can help. Yoga poses (also known as yoga asanas) that are good for the throat chakra include:

  • Bridge pose

  • Camel pose

  • Fish pose

  • Plow pose

  • Supported shoulder stand

Yoga provides several other benefits beyond helping to heal the throat chakra. You can build muscle with yoga, for instance. It’s also good for boosting flexibility, improving mobility, and reducing stress.

If you’d like to help others achieve these benefits, you can do this as a yoga instructor. The Yoga 200 course offered by the ISSA Yoga & Wellness Academy provides yoga teacher certification. It is Yoga Alliance-approved and includes in-depth instruction on more than 80 yoga postures.


  • Richarson, P. S. (2019). The Interrelationships of the Chakras and Mental Health . Journal of Metaphysical Thought , 2(1), 6–9. 


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